“This is a politics in which labour market potential is all that makes a person worthwhile. Perhaps neoliberal government’s greatest success has been to reconstitute “work” - however mundane, drudging or undignified – as an unquestionable public good, in place of community, compassion, or support.”


Scientists have found a portal to a better world

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i have a solution to this problem!

1. round all these people up
2. shoot them

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Fun fact. Two of John Tyler’s grandchildren are still alive and one of them actually lives on his plantation where Tyler owned slaves. In fact, that plantation is how they make money today. They do guided tours and try to uphold the legacy of their cretin grandfather. Tyler owned slaves all his life. He inherited slaves from his father, and then went on to own 40 slaves himself on the plantation. So there ya go, this family is still eating and living large over slavery profits. They became obscenely wealthy because of it.

I posted about this evil bastard and his 2 surviving grandchildren here

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“The problem with the European Left is that they care a little bit about just about everything, and yet there is nothing in particular about which they care deeply. This is very similar to what my old teacher Philip Rieff used to call “the Monroe Doctrine”—not the famous President James Monroe doctrine of warning Europeans to keep their hands off the Americas, but the little known Marilyn Monroe doctrine, named after the famous actress for having once said, “I believe in everything,” and then pausing for a moment before saucily adding, “a little bit.” The difference between European and colonial intellectuals is summed up in the difference between Sartre and Fanon, or between Foucault and Said. Sartre and Foucault cared widely about the entirety of the colonial and colonizing world, while Fanon and Said cared deeply about Algeria and Palestine, and from these two sites of contestation they extrapolated their politics and ethics of responsibility towards the rest of the world. Žižek is precisely in the same tradition and trajectory as those of Sartre and Foucault—caring widely but not deeply enough, for (and here is the philosophical foregrounding of their political proclivity for vacuous abstractions) they know widely and variedly but never deeply and particularly. What passes for the Left in the US is even worse. Since they have seen me (as one example among many) preoccupied with Iran, they think I have compromised my stand vis-à-vis American imperialism or its Israeli colonial outpost—for they too care in abstraction and act in generalities. I am preoccupied with Iran in 2009 precisely in the same way I have been with Iraq since 2003, and with Afghanistan since 2001 (when the best of these Americans thought Afghanistan was a “just war”), and precisely the same way I have been with Palestine all my adult life: from the site of specific crimes against humanity opens up your frame to see the rest of the world.”
“They [the British government] are trying to persuade world opinion that the lamb has devoured the wolf.”

Former Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh's statement's before the world at the United Nations Convention in 1951 to expose Britain’s colonialist domination of Iran.

These sentiments reverberate in the mainstream media’s current portrayal of Israeli domination and occupation over Palestinians.

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me: *unfollows anyone that blogs or voices any form of support for the british monarchy*

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