Magpie playing with a puppy.

Magpie playing with a puppy.

Magpie playing with a puppy.

Magpie playing with a puppy.

Magpie playing with a puppy.

Magpie playing with a puppy.


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“What socialism will establish is a practical system of world production operating directly and solely for human needs. Socialism will be concerned solely with the production, distribution and consumption of useful goods and services in response to definite needs. It will integrate social needs with the material means of meeting those needs, that is to say, with active production. Under capitalism what appear to be production decisions are in fact decisions to go for profit in the market. Socialism will make economically-unencumbered production decisions as a direct response to needs. With production for use, then, the starting point will be needs.”


Countries that recognize the State of Palestine

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Is Julie Burchill Britain’s most generous woman? By Julie Burchill

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Chile suspends trade with “Israel” as a result of the atrocities taken out on the Palestinians in Gaza, Palestine

Thank you, Chile <3

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Logic - Spectator 

What’s gonna happen after this? Will they stop at the Gaza strip? I don’t think so.


Bruno Barbey, Sorbonne University under student occupation, Paris, May 1968

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i love that photo of the band in iran bc one guy has an acoustic and one has a bc rich and it’s like, one of them is really out of place but u don’t know which


Please report this page IMMEDIATELY. They are posting Palestinian profiles of people living in Israel who write anything about Gaza and where they work and urge places to fire them. Please REPOST.

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Palestinian activists destroy power lines to illegal Israeli settlement near Ramallah in response to the massace in Gaza


Palestinian activists destroy power lines to illegal Israeli settlement near Ramallah in response to the massace in Gaza

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"Israel has only ever wanted peace!!"




God bless every single doctor, nurse, and paramedic in Gaza. They are warriors.

Dead Israelis from over a thousand HAMAS rockets from their “Dead Gazans Strategy” don’t count. Too bad Hitler didn’t finish them off, we wouldn’t have all these Arab/HAMAS created problems now.

"#Antisemitism runs amok on tumblr"

Yeah, because praising those who are braving a warzone are truly expressing anti-semitic desires out of their concern for those that have been murdered by Israeli forces.

And YOU’RE the one bringing up Hitler here. Hmmmmm.

It’s cute how you rely on that trash video as if it somehow bolsters your BS argument in any way shape or form, but let’s take it piece by piece here-

For starters, the clip makes no mention of Palestinian Christians who also oppose Israel at the most basic level, and attempts to deceivingly frame the  conflict as one between Muslims and Jews, which it absolutely is not.

And “Dead Israelis from over a thousand HAMAS rockets”?

Let’s put it this way - 6 times as many Palestinians have died in the last 3 days ALONE than ANY Israelis by Hamas in the last 13 years.

"When the UN voted to partition the land into a Jewish and Arab state, the Jews accepted, but no other Arab or Muslim state accepted"

The UN, without ever ONCE consulting the native, indigenous Palestinians, drew up borders for Palestine which gave a majority of the land, including the most fertile land along the coast, to the immigrating Jewish minority, despite the land itself being both owned and populated by Palestinian Arab Muslims, Christians, and [GASP] Jews.

Without their consent, a foreign power voted to carve up the land, which Palestinians knew would effectively uproot over half of their population, in order to quite literally just hand the land over to the non-native Jews fleeing persecution throughout Europe.


WHY would these people agree to a vote and plan carried out without their cooperation whatsoever to cut their land into unequal portions, giving a majority of the land [including the most fertile portions with the most successful and thriving Palestinian towns] to these invading foreigners?

Some Zionists will try to argue that Israel “bought” all their land. That is not true.

The entire “Palestinians never accepted the partition, so it’s their fault” is complete and utter bullshit. No one in their right minds would ever agree to hand over their homes to a hostile population formed through enormous immigration campaigns launched in order to settle this already settled land.

When British rule ended, all the neighboring Arab states attacked Israel

This is often phrased as if Israel did nothing but exist in order to attract the scorn of the neighboring Arab states. 

Let’s first look at HOW Israel came to “exist” in the first place.

  • They pressed forward and forcibly enforced these UN borders, without once consulting the native Palestinians who had already been living there for hundreds and hundreds of years.
  • They began their operations meant to forcibly remove the native Palestinians from their homes and lands, destroying entire cities in the process in order to prohibit them from ever returning.
  • By the time all was said and done, the new Israeli forces had forcibly expelled over 800,000 Palestinians from their homes, and completely destroyed over 500 Palestinians towns and cities, wiping them off the map for good.
  • In order to carry out such a large-scale ethnic cleansing operation, Israeli forces also carried out numerous massacres in some of the biggest Palestinians towns/cities, in order to strike fear into the hearts of Palestinians living in neighboring cities, inspiring them to flee, rather than face another brutal Israeli massacre.

So, PRIOR to the Arab armies even firing a bullet at Israel, they had already carried out several massacres, and already destroyed or violently taken Palestinian cities.

HOW could Israel possibly claim to have been “innocent” and attacked “solely because of its existence”, when it’s very existence was brought about through ethnic cleansing and mass murder? The Arab armies invaded with the intention of freeing the Palestinians from the horrors they were facing.

Over 1000 Palestinian civilians were murdered in cold blood prior to ANY Arab army “invasion”, and that number is counting only those who perished in one of the three massacres mentioned or its subsequent aftermath.

Now many pro-Israelis will go on to say “well the Palestinians were ordered to leave by their own leaders!!! It’s THEIR fault they lost their homes/became refugees!!!”


Now, let’s just ASSUME that this was even true to begin with [surprise: it’s not], how in ANY way does that justify what happened to them? So WHAT if their allies suggested they leave? It was flee from home with the promise of return, or remain and suffer a brutal, inevitable death at the hands of the bloodthirsty Israelis.

Palestinians rejected an Israeli peace deal to form a state in 95% of the West Bank

This “Peace Deal”, proposed at the Camp David Summit, was simply an empty offer meant to give Palestinians the absolute minimum they rightfully deserved, while allowing Israel to look as if it was legitimately “trying”

The problems with this proposed “Peace Deal”?

  • Palestinian refugees and their families were excluded. These are the people who were directly forced from their homes in 1948, or Israel’s subsequent war in 1967, and their decedents, still stateless and viewed as refugees, living in squalor within Palestinian refugee camps, perpetually hopeful for return, numbering at over 4,000,000 in 2000.
  • Israel REJECTED the Palestinian offer for peace in 1993, in which Palestinians asked for full sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza Strip up to the Green Line [the borders established after the 1967 war], while agreeing to equal land-swaps with Israel. If Israel wanted peace, they could have accepted the offer right there, and we would be in a much different situation today.
  • The West Bank was to be essentially split in half, with an Israeli-only road running from Jerusalem to the border of Jordan, effectively limiting Palestinian movement and complicating matters in terms of Palestinian unity and contiguous borders.
  • The Israeli plan refused to evacuate all illegal Israeli settlements built on confiscated Palestinian land, taken by force from families who had already build homes and farms on this land, and still own the deeds to this day.
  • BECAUSE of this, the West Bank would have been divided into many tiny bantustans, cut off from each other while Israeli roads crisscrossed throughout it, barring movement and making travel extremely difficult, even in a supposed “sovereign” Palestinian state.
  • Beyond all that, Israel “demanded” that a Palestinian state be completely demilitarized, that Israel maintains control over most Palestinian borders and airspace, and keep Israeli troops within the West Bank, and would have “prohibited” Palestine from making any alliances without explicit Israeli approval first.

What’s most reprehensible regarding the Palestinian refugees, is that Israel continues to allow Jews, from around the world, the “Right of Return” to Israel, setting them up with a new life in Israel simply because they are Jewish, despite not having any actual connection to Israel/Palestine, while they continue to deny entry to any Palestinian refugees, despite the fact that they still own the keys to their homes that are now populated by Israelis.

Finally, the video makes the comparison of Israel to the Arab World as a whole, stating that Israel is a tiny country compared to the various Arab countries around it.

I have never understood this comparison, because it is like saying “Why SHOULDN’T Spain give it’s land to it’s Jewish population? There are many other Spanish speaking countries throughout South America that they could just go to!”

Palestine is Palestine. Iraq is Iraq. Egypt is Egypt.

Each state has it’s own unique history, it’s own dialects, it’s own culture, it’s own cuisine, it’s own LIFE.

To equate all Arabs as one singular, monolithic force that is the same across the board, is not only utterly stupid and ignorant, but also ridiculously racist.

Israel has never wanted peace

Israel has never cared for a Palestinian state alongside its own

Israel has never cared for Palestinians.

To them, Palestinians are nothing but a roadblock on their quest to stealing all the land, from the river to the sea.

Israel is a terror state, built and maintained through ethnic cleansing and the attempted genocide of the Palestinian people, and those too thick to understand the root of this conflict to be the Jewish terrorism that expelled over 800,000 Palestinians, or attribute this conflict to “racism” or “religion”, really should keep their mouths shut.

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